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Be A Big

Male Mentors Wanted! 

Though Big Brothers Big Sisters is always looking for volunteers from all walks of life, right now there is a greater need for men.

Volunteering is fun! 

Being a Big is simple and rewarding. It is as easy as showing your new Little how to play a favorite computer game, bake an apple pie or reading the funnies together. We’ve learned that being someone special to a child doesn’t take much more than that. But the impact is huge—for both of you!

Your time and attention is worth more to a Little than you realize.

Being a Big is about spending quality one-on-one time with a child, enjoying all sorts of activities together. Sometimes it’s as easy as taking your Little along with you to something you were going to do anyway, like lunch or teaching him something you do well, like your superior chess moves!

You Don’t Have To Change Your Life To Change Theirs!

We offer two volunteer opportunities so you can select the one that fits the time you have and your lifestyle best. You will volunteer just a few hours a couple times a month. You’ll get to be a kid again and he’ll get to be your friend. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Bigs are regular people just like you. 

Role models come in all shapes and sizes. They are bus drivers, students, firemen, teachers, lawyers, shop owners, executives and fathers. You can do this. You just have to want to make a positive impact on the life of a child.

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