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Art of Friendship Project

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Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Art of Friendship Project utilizes art as a way to express the friendships and connections made between a Big Brother or Big Sister mentor and their Little Brother or Little Sister. Bigs & Littles involved in our Community and Site Based Mentoring programs created melted crayon art on canvas. The subject of each piece reflects something personal about each mentoring relationship. There are 25 pieces in the collection and we are excited to highlight a few pieces on this page for you to enjoy. Pieces will be updated frequently.  Be sure to visit regularly to check out what’s new!

The Art of Friendship Traveling Show is your opportunity to host our artwork at your workplace or business. BBBS will set-up 5-6 pieces, that are accompanied with the match story and photo, at your location for a week. This is a great way to engage your employees or customers and demonstrate your support for our programs. There are no fees to host the show and we take care of all the set-up. To learn more, contact our Community Relations Department at (716) 873-5833 ext. 245 or bigs@beafriend.org


The Projects

Big Sister Ashley & Little Sister Amberlee

March 17, 2017

Big Sister Ashley and Little Sister Amberlee were matched in April of 2016. The two consider family and friends to be very important. To represent the importance of making new friends, they decided to revolve their creation around peace and love. The hearts represent the love they have for their family and friends.


Big Sister Cymantha & Little Sister Ana

March 3, 2017

Big Sister Cymantha and Little Sister Ana have been together in the Site-Based Mentoring program since February of 2016.

Big Sister Cymantha has always encouraged Little Sister Ana to chase her dreams and to never hold her self back from achieving her goals. Big Sister Cymantha said she has helped Little Sister Ana plan how to make her dreams come true, and has never told her that a dream was too big. She encourages Little Sister Ana to dream bigger! The match decided to create a shooting star, because if you shoot for the moon and miss, you land among the stars. 

Big Sister Kyla and Little Sister Jada

February 24, 2017

Big Sister Kyla and Little Sister Jada have been matched for one year in the Site Based Mentoring Program. They created a giraffe because that is Big Sister Kyla’s favorite animal. The pink and blue crayons represent their favorite colors. The crayons melting together represent Big Sister Kyla and Little Sister Jada blending together into a beautiful friendship. 

The photos that make up the giraffe’s neck were taken on their first trip to Canalside in Downtown Buffalo. The match included a picture of a sloth hugging a giraffe because sloths are Little Sister Jada’s favorite animal.EndFragment    

Big Sister Michelle & Little Sister Shakhia

February 17, 2017

Big Sister Michelle and Little Sister Shakhia were matched in February of 2016. They discovered that they love spending time together. Their art piece features a heart in the middle to show just how much they enjoy each other’s company. Big Sister Michelle loves introducing her little sister to fun new places in the Buffalo area.

The art piece is fun and colorful, to represent the fun and silly times that they have. The crazy colors also represent the sassiness that is a fun part of their relationship. Both sisters had a great time creating this art piece, and it gave them a chance to look back and talk about all the fun they’ve had so far!


Big Sister Nicole & Little Brother Felix

Big Sister Nicole and Little Brother Felix have been matched for about two years. They created a paintbrush and wanted to make their artwork abstract, but also as real as possible. Big Sister Nicole said they had a lot of fun doing it! She said Little Brother Felix is quite the artist.  
Big Sister Nicole also said they had fun melting the crayons; she said it was messy and fun to watch, and at one point half the crayon melted so thin it cut in half and dropped. This created a huge splat that is now part of their art!  The match feels their art is authentic, and they love it.



Big Sister Arica & Little Sister Nadiya

January 27, 2017

Big Sister Arica and Little Sister Nadiya were matched in March of 2016. They created their piece to celebrate their nine months of friendship.  Big Sister Arica likes to go on outings with Little Sister Nadiya. This piece shows the trips they’ve had together, including their adventures to Canalside, Chestnut Ridge, Pumpkinville, and more.  The two enjoy being creative and crafty together. Their favorite melted crayons are the blues, purples and pinks.

NOTE: Their artwork was featured the week of January 23rd in the lobby of BBBSEC’s National Mentoring Month Sponsor WGRZ-TV Channel 2.

Big Brother Brendan & Little Brother Demarious

January 20, 2017

Big Brother Brendan and Little Brother Demarious were matched in September of 2016. Shortly after the two were matched, Big Brother Brendan decided to get his first puppy, Leo. He knew Little Brother Demarious liked dogs, so he invited him to the dog park to meet Leo. The two instantly bonded, and now the trio has a strong friendship. This friendship is represented in their art piece. Big Brother Brendan looks forward to learning more about being a Big Brother and seeing Little Brother Demarious and Leo bond.

NOTE: Their artwork was featured the week of January 16th in the lobby of BBBSEC’s National Mentoring Month Sponsor WGRZ-TV Channel 2.


Big Sister Steph & Little Sister Sariyah

January 13, 2017

Big Sister Steph and Little Sister Sariyah have been matched for almost a year! They used the colors of the rainbow to represent love, friendship, and peace. The two created this piece by rotating the canvas in a circle while melting the crayons. Big Sister Steph said they both had fun doing this and that it was the best activity ever!

NOTE: Their artwork was featured the week of January 9th in the lobby of BBBSEC’s National Mentoring Month Sponsor WGRZ-TV Channel 2.

Little Sister Julianna & Big Sister Erin

January 6, 2017

Little Sister Julianna and Big Sister Erin have been matched since April 2016. They chose to make a sun with flowers because they love spending time outside together, especially in the summer. Little Sister Julianna came up with the idea of drawing one little flower and one big flower to represent their relationship as Little and Big Sisters. The flowers are growing to show how their friendship continues to grow!

NOTE: Their artwork was featured the week of January 2nd in the lobby of BBBSEC’s National Mentoring Month Sponsor WGRZ-TV Channel 2.